Having a bad day?


Don’t worry, we all get them, some more than others but we all still unfortunately go through them. No there not pleasant and yes they are very long, hard days, but they only last 24 hours.

I thought I’d write this post because I’ve been having a lot of bad days recently and there’s nothing worse than when you have no one to talk to, or no one to share it with.

Some things that cheer me up might help you out too…

  • Long bubble baths (with candles!)
  • Comfort food (Of course!)
  • Speaking to someone close to you
  • Having a nice long sleep
  • Trying to focus on the positives!

Everybody’s bad days are different, no two are the same, but just remember they do not last forever and you can get through them! 🙂


Signing on. What It’s really like…

So recently I’ve become jobless. Although sitting at home all day watching pretty little liars on netflix is very relaxing, I also have bills to pay. Who doesn’t, right?

Image result for pll netflix                                         (Totally off topic but. Fave show on netflix!)
So It’s time to look for a job! Not as easy as it sounds… I was thinking for the meantime I could sign on to get some money coming in to help with the bills. Bad idea. You know I’d rather just cancel the whole claim and look for a job by myself, yes I know it does take time and effort but honestly if it means not having to sign on then I’ll do it!
Other than making you feel dumb, worthless and a scrounger the Job centre is supposed to help. There is so much paperwork and ‘group activities’ you have to attend, you start to wonder is there any point?

Related image
I guess I don’t have much choice for now, if anything I think they do this on purpose so it pushes everyone to get a job quicker! I don’t know about you but I’d rather be skint and looking for work!

Why is life so hard?

Is it just me or does anyone else have those moments where you just sit and think of how easy life was when you were young? I almost feel like I took it for granted.
Do you remember how it felt to believe santa was real? or even the tooth fairy? Those days were so easy and laid back.
My biggest worry back then was carrying P.E kits and food tech ingredients in on the same day! Oh how I’d love to be back there again. Not have to worry about jobs, money or driving. Don’t get me wrong I hated secondary school, but I’d take that over finding a job anyday!
Now I don’t know about anyone else but I havn’t got a clue what I want to be or what I want to do! Can I not just sit here all day and blog? Imagine that!
Well I’m sure I’ll find something I want to do (Fingers crossed) For now I’ll carry on rambling on here, nothing else to do, right?
Thanks for listening again!

Let me introduce myself…

The point of this blog was for it to be anonymous so I’m not a
bout to tell you all about me, I just really like the idea of starting a blog and seeing where it goes! So here goes nothing..

Recently I’ve seen some really interesting blogs about, It’s very inspiring to see all of these different blogs written by all of these different people! So as you can tell it has really inspired me to start my own.
After a lot of researching from google I decided to just get on with it! It can’t be that hard surely!? Well i was wrong, it could be hard! (Little tip; anyone thinking of doing this, make sure you do your research!!).
Not that this is a beginners guide or anything, but there are so many different things to consider when starting a blog, it can be very overwhelming! Now if you’re like me (Zero patience) it can be very annoying! The excitement can take over, but I found it best to plan.
So Welcome to my blog! (Another annoying habit of mine is rambling) Apologies in advance!!