Let me introduce myself…

The point of this blog was for it to be anonymous so I’m not a
bout to tell you all about me, I just really like the idea of starting a blog and seeing where it goes! So here goes nothing..

Recently I’ve seen some really interesting blogs about, It’s very inspiring to see all of these different blogs written by all of these different people! So as you can tell it has really inspired me to start my own.
After a lot of researching from google I decided to just get on with it! It can’t be that hard surely!? Well i was wrong, it could be hard! (Little tip; anyone thinking of doing this, make sure you do your research!!).
Not that this is a beginners guide or anything, but there are so many different things to consider when starting a blog, it can be very overwhelming! Now if you’re like me (Zero patience) it can be very annoying! The excitement can take over, but I found it best to plan.
So Welcome to my blog! (Another annoying habit of mine is rambling) Apologies in advance!!

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