Signing on. What It’s really like…

So recently I’ve become jobless. Although sitting at home all day watching pretty little liars on netflix is very relaxing, I also have bills to pay. Who doesn’t, right?

Image result for pll netflix                                         (Totally off topic but. Fave show on netflix!)
So It’s time to look for a job! Not as easy as it sounds… I was thinking for the meantime I could sign on to get some money coming in to help with the bills. Bad idea. You know I’d rather just cancel the whole claim and look for a job by myself, yes I know it does take time and effort but honestly if it means not having to sign on then I’ll do it!
Other than making you feel dumb, worthless and a scrounger the Job centre is supposed to help. There is so much paperwork and ‘group activities’ you have to attend, you start to wonder is there any point?

Related image
I guess I don’t have much choice for now, if anything I think they do this on purpose so it pushes everyone to get a job quicker! I don’t know about you but I’d rather be skint and looking for work!

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